Social Media Foundations
#0 – Start Here…

Welcome to the 8 week Social Media Foundation Course.

The course has been designed so that you, as a Business Owner or Marketer, who perhaps has a small amount of online knowledge, maybe none, or maybe quite a bit, can become empowered to grow your own business online.

If you know how to navigate the internet (ie. your comfortable browsing the web), you use any one of (or all of) the social media channels today (ie Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google), then you will benefit from the training and content you are about to experience.

This training is a weekly step by step on how to get mobilised for:
#1 – Getting your Business Online
#2 – How to Setup a Google Adwords Campaign
#3 – How to get started on Facebook (and know if you should be there)
#4 – How to make best use of LinkedIn (and know if you should be there)
#5 – Twitter for your Business (and know if you should be there)
#6 – Google Analytics – Keeping track of what’s happening
#7 – Google Places – the quickest way to get on Page 1 of Google
#8 – Search Engine Optimisation – The What, Why, Who, When, etc…

Each of the topics listed are in a logical order so that you build the principles with each video you work through. When you work through a video, make sure you apply what you learn at the end of each video, and spend the week ensuring you have mastered the lesson, so you can know that once you map your direction, you’ll be fast tracking your success. At the end of the 8 week course, you can revisit any video at any time.

You’ll also see in the menu on the left, there are Bonuses and Downloads for you as part of this pack. I’ll be adding to those over time, and I’ll email you when extra bonuses are released. You’ll also have your first major bonus released in week 3 – Facebook week – the first of a four part course to master Facebook: “The Facebook Machine”. This advanced Facebook course in itself is worth the value of the foundation course, and its my way of thanking you for taking the proactive step in your journey of learning Social Media.

Each of the video’s in the 8 week course explains the concepts, the steps that you’d follow and how to get the best results.

Please work through each of these, and please submit a comment when you’ve finished with each video to make sure you understand what you’ve just learnt (so you can apply it correctly) and also it’ll give great learning to others who like you are working through this course:

1. What did you get out of the session

2. How can you apply this to your business (or your customers business)?

3. If you still have any questions that I could help with?

I thank you for your participation in this, and hope you get a huge amount out of this experience,

To your success,

Warm regards,


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