Social Media Foundations
#7 – Google Places

Why is Google Places important?
What are the 6 steps to take advantage of this Local Marketing Technique for my Business?
How can you quickly get your business on the Front Page of Google?
Those three and lots of other questions are answered in this video:

PDF of presentation: coming soon

Links to any tools mentioned: coming soon

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  • terry hadley

    Hi Jamie

    I jumped ahead to the video on Google Places because that suited a particular urgent need!

    I will now watch the other videos mainly because I was so impressed with your information and presentation.

    What I really mean by this is, your style, pace, tone and overall delivery was fantastic and compares so well with, shall I say, the normal presentation [Electric Yank] style that seems to be so prevalent in this market

    The information was presented so logically and visually attractive and that combined with your manner made it a real pleasure to watch and learn from. [Is there a bit of scouse in there somewhere?]

    Well done mate


  • Ron Barton

    A great presentation much clearer then some of the other presenters as per terry’s advice. Also the slides were very clear. Good work

  • stephen stavroulakis

    Hi Jamie

    I agree with all the comments below. A very clear and concise presentation on Google Places.
    Your pace and delivery is fantastic.
    Keep up the good work.

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