Facebook Machine
#0 – Start Here… Facebook

Welcome to the Facebook Machine.

I’ve partnered with a leading expert in Facebook, Keith Wellman, who’s made millions with his Facebook products and services.

He has put a set of videos together, and I have ‘twisted’ his arm to be able to share them as part of this online coaching. Over time I will be adding my own videos with both my own experience and to answer any questions raised as part of the feedback received.

Each of the topics listed are in a logical order, that I recommend you work through.

There are a total of #13 pages with lessons specifically for Facebook and ready for you to work through, so get started!! 🙂

Video 1 and 2 quality are a little on the low side, but you can get the content which is the most important part (and we’re working on rerecording those), all the rest are perfect.

You’ll also see in the menu on the left, there are Bonuses and Downloads for you as part of this pack.

Each of the video’s explains the concepts, the steps that you’d follow and how to get the best results.

As well, Facebook is an ever changing beast, so I will post updates here when I have them to make sure you keep up to date with the changing landscape of Facebook,

Warm regards,

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