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Welcome to the Clients for Consultants Club

You’re in for a real treat. I’m excited just writing this. I know what’s in store for you. I know what the journey looks like, and what the views are like along the way, and the types of destinations you’re going to see.

I feel like a tour guide in one of my favourite destinations.

Are you ready for the experience?

Not only are you getting leading edge training from two experienced hands-on been-there, done-that Consultants (and still doing it!), you’re also joining an International Mastermind of Consultants, who are all here for the same reason that you are: To get more.

Whether More Clients, More Time, More Money or More Freedom – if you follow what works, you’ll see the results.

Quick Overview:

Now, a very quick overview of what’s in this site for you.

Your Foundation gives you the solid platform to invite as many prospects as your heart desires, and to get as much business as you can handle.

Trust and Credibility¬†will work through a checklist to ensure you have the Trust and Credibility in place. It’ll walk you through how to put your Sales Blueprint in place, and help you have simple selling conversations with perfect price points each time (I call it Your Success Escalator).

Then we move to the “Promotional Strategies” – Seriously, if you follow all of these steps, as they are meant to be followed, you’ll then have a capacity problem like I did, and that’s a good problem to have (we can help you with that when you’re ready).

The Mastermind Forum is an area where you can share experiences and help other consultants from around the globe – why not jump in and introduce yourself if you haven’t already.

And last but not least are the Bonuses – you’re welcome (and we’ll keep adding to these over time).

A Little More Detail of Each Step

We start with Your Foundation. We believe when you get this right, everything else is easy. Really easy. It’s the difference between pushing the proverbial up hill, or running down hill towards the goals you set.

Inside Your Foundation, you can start at the beginning, and work on Mindset if you need to.

Goals & Time will help you acheive a whole lot more a huge amount quicker (My Clients and I are first hand examples of this).

Then we move to building Your Consulting Foundation:

1. Red Velvet Rope – Identifying the perfect client for YOU (and all the benefits of why this is a MUST for any consultant)

2. Understanding Your Client – Once you know what makes your client tick, you’ll be like a swiss watch maker, and know even more quickly how to get results

3. Develop Your Personal Brand – How do you want to be seen in the world? How’s your positioning? How do others talk about YOU?

4. Selling Easily – When you put your Red Velvet Rope, with an Understanding of Your Client, and a core understanding of You, then the conversations that flow from there are so natural, and so effective, its not funny.

With your foundation in place, you’ll now be ready to launch your consulting business even further than you thought possible.

From foundation to Building Trust and Credibility.

We start here with your Who Knows What You Know – gone are the days where it’s who you know, moreover today its ‘do they know you?’ and ‘do they know what you know?’.

Next is the Sales Cycle Process – building a step by step sales process specifically for your business. Whether 3, 4 or 10 steps, every business is unique, and we show you how to build what is right for your business. Introducing you to different levels of offers, to make it easy for a prospect to buy from you at multiple levels (you may only have one offer today, this will change when we get here, and we show you how!).

Next you’ll want to add Information Products into your business – we call that Building the Bait. A step by step on how to create something your target market wants, in a simple how-to way. You’ll be generating leads while you sleep…

Next is Perfect Pricing – ensuring the right price levels allowing the proportionate level of trust to be met with a perfect price point. It becomes easy when you understand trust is the key to having a simple sales conversation at any time.

Which is a lovely segway into having a Simple Sales Conversation – the 4 step sales conversation that everyone with little or lots of experience in selling can have. It’s all easy at this point when you’ve followed the Foundation and Trust and Credibility steps.

Now everything is in place – we can move to Promotional Strategies – in this whole section, you’ll learn how 5-15 minutes each day is all that is needed for you to become booked solid.

And all of those steps haven’t even discussed the huge number of bonuses that you can access in the bonus section, and even more that haven’t been released yet – watch this space!!!

Are you excited after reading everything that’s ahead of you?

Can you see that following a step by step system does take time, but you need all the pieces to have the most effect.

One wheel, or one bolt doesn’t drive a car, but when you put them all together, you can go a very long way…

We look forward to helping you along your journey,

Speak soon

Jamie and David

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