If You're a Curious Business Owner...

Do You Know How To Use Social Media In Your Business?

...finally, here's your chance...

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How Prepared Are You for this revolution? Do you know where to start? Are you looking blankly at the screen, or are you working hard to take advantage of this Social Media Revolution?

There are so many questions about Social Media:

  • What is Social Media all about?
  • How can it help MY business?
  • What are the main tools I need to know about?
  • Should I care about Google?
  • How do I get my business marketing ahead with a little learning and a little money?
  • What does SEO mean? Why is it important?
  • Can Facebook really help my business?
  • Isn’t Twitter just the noise birds make? Why should I take an interest?
  • How do I use all of the above for the benefit of my business?

If you want answers to all of the above, then a recently delivered three and a half hour informative and interactive training session enjoyed by a large list of business owners like you has been re-recorded, and transformed into this online training course.

The contents of what you’re about to learn has already helped one business owner quadruple his business profits in one quarter!! That’s just one example.

The following topics will be presented so that you get an understanding on what they are, how they are useful and a basic ‘how to’ if you want to do this yourself:

What You’ll Get From This Course:

  • Advertising on Google: Google Adwords & Google Analytics & Google Places & Google Maps
  • Advertising on Facebook
  • What is needed to get your site onto the first page of Google? Understanding SEO – “Search Engine Optimisation”
  • Twitter & LinkedIn for business owners.

Make sure your marketing is focussed, before you even start looking at the world of online marketing – the more focussed your marketing, the better the results will be!

Good Ideas of Things To Have Before You Start The Course

NOTE: As a minimum, you need to have a free google account already registered before you come on the course (go here to setup your account: https://www.google.com/accounts/NewAccount).

Accounts for Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn are not necessary as a prerequisite

Massive Value, For A Fraction of the Cost

Three and a half hours one on one with me as a Social Media consultant would usually be over $750

And then I went and added ANOTHER 3 hours of video in here to make sure I explained every aspect that you need to know to make the best of Social Media for your Business – so that’s another $700 worth thrown in for good measure

AND …(I couldn’t stop, sorry)…

Fantastic Bonus to Add EVEN MORE Value!

I’ve even secured the rights to an ENTIRE Facebook Course (taking you from novice to rockstar in Facebook!) – valued at $399

That’s a combined value of $1,849 – and yours for an absolute bargain of $147.

And the best bit? You can watch the videos again and again if you want to, to refresh and get sharper on any of the areas I cover. If you tried to do that with a consultant, they’d just keep charging you more money!!

If you apply this like I lay it out, it will more than likely pay itself back within a matter of days (the payback is only limited with your application of what you learn!!)

Money Back Guarantee!

By the way – MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – if you work through this training and it doesn’t meet your expectations of what you wanted to learn (which I’m pretty confident it will), I want to give you a no brainer option – just email me, and I’ll refund you in full. No hard feelings, no questions asked.

After attending this course what will you leave with?

A full pack of the course presentation, with step by step instructions to be able to recreate what you’ve learnt at home (if you hadn’t already created it during the course!), and a few bonus surprises to help your business sales.

So a fantastic value and with a 100% money-back “this’ll arm you for the Social Media Revolution guarantee” – I’ll even let you keep your access to the Facebook entire course (which is the extra bonus) as my way of saying no hard feelings.

So What Are You Waiting For?

If you are still waiting, this is what others have said about what they’ve learnt from me (which I’m pretty stoked with):

“I am learning new skills and new ways of doing things effectively, and all these things combined are improving our business and showing some real results. We are creating some momentum and it is so rewarding to see changes within the business that are positive. Jamie is a breath of fresh air, and believes so much in what he is doing…”
Tina Burt, Owner, Emergency Response Training

Sign Up Now If Your Interested In…

  • 8 week step by step, easy to follow training course
  • All topics shared in a simple style to allow all levels of learning
  • Lots of added extras to ensure you get HUGE value from this online coaching

To make sure you’re 110% clear about what you’re going to receive:

To get your instant access to the keys to the Social Media Foundations 8 week course, I agree to pay the surprisingly low investment of $147 for the 22+ videos (which includes The Facebook Machine (value of $399)) after I’ve clicked the BUY NOW button below.

By clicking the BUY NOW, I understand I will be taken to a secure PayPal ordering form, which will allow me to pay for the access to your online course. I also understand that once the course investment is processed by PayPal, I’ll be automatically passed to the registration form for the course. Once I register I’ll have immediate access to the coaching platform, and my 8 week course.

I understand by investing this money I’m going to get access to over 10+ hours of video, that have been broken down into bite sized videos, to let me learn at a steady pace, which will walk me through step-by-step learning to ensure I can make decisions for my own business. I also understand that each week, a new lesson will be made available, and at the end of the 8 weeks, I’ll be able to revisit any of the lessons at any time I choose.

I also understand that you usually charge anywhere from $200-400 per hour in your consulting, and I am securing a place on this 8 week course, with bonuses included, valued at $1,849, for only $147.

I also understand that this price point is an offer that may be withdrawn at any time if you deem that you have priced this too low.

p.s. Aside from the likely payback in a matter of days in using this content for the original $147, I’ve also added additional bonuses, not mentioned above – I really couldn’t help myself… with a Money Back Guarantee, what have you got to lose?

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