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Three World Class Experts Spill the Beans on How to Actually GENERATE LEADS consistently with the Internet.

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Just 100% pure content – Created for a group of Elite High Performing Coaches, and made available this week for the first time outside of the Inner Circle.

Recently Taki Moore, the Internationally Recognised Coach for Coaches assembled a distinguished faculty of Online Lead Generation Experts… and let me be perfectly clear… these are not people from the army of self-proclaimed experts who make their money teaching about Online Marketing….these are people who are actually out in the real world making real money using Online Marketing… boatloads of money. After all, what good is a list of 100, 1,000 or 100,000 in your database if you’re not making enough to feed the family?

The information these experts shared was groundbreaking. This is NOT about How to Use the Internet…This is about How to GENERATE LEADS with the Internet… and the best part is…you can have your cake and eat it too…

One of the biggest reasons even smart people have not embraced the Internet as a Lead Generation tool despite being fully aware of its HUGE Profit Potential is the “Hassle Factor”. Simply stated, it can be a pain in the rear to learn how to use the Internet, how to best configure your website, which online marketing channels to use and what about Social Media!? It can be enough to drive you crazy!

If you’re like most coaches, that’s what’s been holding you back from either diving into Google advertising, Social Media, to name a few, or if you’re already using Online channels, that’s what’s preventing you from maximizing the business and income growth potential of Online Marketing …trust me, these three experts will share dozens of strategies and tactics to turboboost the results of your Online Marketing efforts…without spending your day blogging and tweeting. You’ll also learn how to build a machine too, slowly, but surely, to make sure over time it becomes set-and-forget, whilst your Lead Generation moves from weak to marketing leading.

Here’s an introduction to the World Class Faculty of the “one-time-only” Online Intensive for Coaches Behind-Closed-Doors Seminar:

Taki Moore:



Greg Cassar:



Dale Beaumont:




Jason Van Orden: Jason is one of the most sought after social media consultants. Many of Jason’s clients are now top-featured podcasters in iTunes and are viewed as the “go-to” person in their respective markets. His own podcast, “Internet Business Mastery”, has been the #1 podcast about Internet business and marketing since 2005. Jason’s presentation was all about “The Opportunities with Social Media and How to Use Social Media as a Magnet to Attract Money…Lots of Money.” In this presentation, Jason revealed exactly how he has created a six-figure business using nothing but social media to attract a following and drive sales. This information will provide a clear road-map for making money with social media.

Here’s just some of what Jason shared:


How he has utilized Social Media to create a list that is 10 times more responsive than average

List Building 2.0 (your list is much more than just an email list or a mailing list)

Powerful, easy-to-use, and inexpensive Tools you can use to create your Social Media Empire (some are even FREE)

Content Marketing: How to create frequent, authoritative, relevant, content that your customers and prospects can’t live without…PLUS how to strategically syndicate your content using Social Media Channels. (with real-life examples)

4 types of Social Media (if you thought there was just one type, you NEED to hear this)

A simple framework for profiting from Social Media (his Social Media Money Map)


Coach Deb Micek: Since 2002, Coach Deb has been on the bleeding edge of marketing with new media. Known in the biz as the “New Media Money Maker” Deb revealed how Twitter ties into a simple, cross-platform system to allow you to take advantage of the greatest marketing opportunity in history – for pennies on the dollar. In her presentation Coach Deb shows you “How to Use Twitter as a Money Magnet and Tweet Your Way to Success with Social Media” including:

How to create raving (and more importantly, paying) fans

How to INSTANTLY find what prospects need, want, and desire, and their biggest frustrations that you can solve

4 personality types and the best ways to build relationships on Twitter (as well as other Social Media channels)

Tips & strategies for encouraging more social media interaction (remember Google is using this in its search engine rankings)

Twettiqutte (Twitter etiquette guidelines for how to behave on twitter so your account doesn’t get banned)

How to make Google your Fan (Don’t fight them, work with them, and let them propel your business)

Mike Koenigs: Mike is an Internet marketer, video producer, speaker, and co-creator of Traffic Geyser, an incredible online tool and service that distributes over a million videos per week. Mike is the expert online video marketing guy for many big name celebrities, authors, and online marketers including Paula Abdul, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Harvey McKay, and even Bill Glazer. Mike wowed the crowd with his informative and entertaining presentation on “How to Create Money Magnet Videos and How to Make Them Go Viral Using YouTube.“Some of the golden nuggets Mike shared include:


How to combine social media and video marketing to build your list, make money, and make you famous

The right way for traditional brick and mortar businesses to set up business promotion videos

How to Really Use Viral Video (what it actually takes to go viral including some dirty little secrets)

Easy Video Creation Strategies (including the exact equipment to use…don’t worry it’s inexpensive and high-quality)

How to create, market, and sell a product in 24 hours (Mike will actually create a product live in minutes)

What it takes to “crush it” in the search engines (it’s not as difficult as many people think if you understand this)

The FaceBook Wonder Twins: With a background in IT that started from their days at the University of Southern California, twins Joseph and James Bridges have been developing internet based solutions for over 14 years.Assisting small business owners and entrepreneurs in generating sales from Facebook has been their passion since late 2007. Joseph and James are who Top Internet Marketers go-to for all things Facebook, and they’ll be sharing their never before revealed secrets to making BIG money with this social media platform.The Facebook Wonder Twins shared a ton of powerful information including:


5 steps to making money on Facebook in 15 minutes a day (no more excuses about the hassle and time drain of social media)

Facebook Insights and Facebook Ads (if you don’t know about these terrific tools, you’re really missing the boat)

Proven tactics for getting visitors to click on the “Like” button (this builds your list of Facebook friends)

The 3 primary goals of your Facebook landing tab (you do have a Facebook landing tab, right?)

12 Ways to Get More Facebook Fans in 12 days

How to use Facebook Ads to generate sales (these are working like gangbusters…think the early days of Google AdWords)


Mike Stewart: Mike owned and operated a recording studio for over 20 years, working in all facets of digital audio and video. In 1996, Mike became passionate about the future of the Internet and how small businesses could benefit from the web if they just understood how to make it work. Mike shared his experience and insights into “How to Dominate Your LOCAL MARKETING with Social Media Money Magnets.” If you are doing business locally, then you’re going to be glad you’ve discovered Mike Stewart.The valuable information Mike shared included:

How brick and mortar businesses can use Social Media to EXPLODE their business and profits

How to use online coupons

How to quickly and easily create a video sales letter (including a sample script)

A huge DANGER to avoid (one business owner lost 1,000 videos instantly…don’t make this mistake)

The importance of Google Maps and how to best use it to market your brick and mortar business…

If you’re serious about making maximum social media profits with minimum effort, you can’t afford to miss Kate Buck… Kate is the CEO of KBJOnline, a Social Media Management and consulting agency in Austin, TX. Kate is THE authority for many internet marketers looking to jump on the social media bandwagon but who simply don’t have the time or desire to “do-the-work.” Kate’s presentation, “How to Use Social Media as a Money Magnet WithOUT Doing Any of the Work – The Power of OutSourcing” is not to be missed if you’re serious about maximizing the power of Social Media with minimum hassles.


The highlights of Kate’s informative presentation included:


How to outsource 90% of your social media tasks (freeing you up for more important tasks)

How & where to Find a Good Social Media Manager (the important questions to ask)

Examples of popular campaigns and contests to strengthen the relationship with the list


what you get:

7 separate manuals including full edited transcripts and presentation materials.

16 CDs

11 DVDs


You’ll get in-depth, easy-to-implement ideas and tricks of the trade from the following Social Media Experts:


Jason Van Orden on “The Path Traveled and…The Opportunities with Social Media”

Coach Deb Micek on “How to Use Twitter as a Money Magnet” PLUS “Q&A with Coach Deb”

Joey and James Bridges on “How to Use Facebook as a Money Magnet” PLUS “Q&A with the FACEBOOK Wonder Twins”

Mike Koenigs on “How to Use YouTube and Create Money Magnet Videos” PLUS “Q&A with Mike”

Mike Stewart on “How to Dominate your Local Markets with Social Media Money Magnets”

Kate Buck on “How to Outsource your Social Media”

Jason Van Orden on “Putting all the Pieces Together – Social Media Monetization Magnet”

And a special “Speaker Panel Q&A”


Who’s it for?

Anyone interested in leveraging the fastest growing media in the world to grow their business and profits both online and offline.


If you want to know:


The opportunities with Social Media and how to use Social Media as a magnet to attract money…lots of money

How to Use Twitter as Money Magnet and Tweet Your Way to Success with Social Media

How to Create Money Magnet Videos and How to Make Them Go Viral Using You Tube

How to DOMINATE your LOCAL MARKETING with Social Media Money Magnets

And the BIGGEE…How to Use Social Media as a Money Magnet WithOUT Doing Any of the Work – The Power of OutSourcing


Then this presentation is imperative to your business.


All you need to do is click on the Buy Now button, confirm your order, and your 7 DVD pack plus workbooks will be dispatched to you within 48 hours



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