Congratulations on taking a positive step towards empowering yourself and your Business to Success Online!

You’re one step closer to not being left behind with the Social Media Revolution.

Don’t let your competitors get ahead of you, as you may never catch up…

When you join the Social Media Foundations Course, you’ll be given the knowledge to make the decisions for your business on:

1. Which Social Media Channels should you be using

2. The step by step process to get yourself up and running quickly on those Channels

3. Hints, Tips and Tricks that are usually only given to my full paying consulting clients, all yours built in to this ludicrously low cost investment for you and your business

4. The Templates and the Tools I use with my clients for their and my success – shared with you as part of this course.

You will stop looking blankly at the screen, and you will know how to take advantage of this Social Media Revolution.

As a reminder, the Foundation for Social Media, to ensure you know the building blocks to allow your business to be successful online, contains the following:

What The Social Media Foundation Contains:

  • An overview on how to ready yourself for Online Marketing
  • A step by step on how to make sure your marketing using the right words for your market
  • How to setup a Google Adwords campaign, step by step
  • If you should use and How to get setup on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for your Business
  • Ensure you’re tracking which online media channels are working for you and your business
  • If you’re not already on page one, then get yourself on the first page of Google (when others try and charge $300+ for this!)
  • What is Search Engine Optimisation, why should you care, and what should you do next?

Designed just for you to make sure that you can be empowered to bring a wave of new customers into your business, time after time after time. This foundation course puts you on the path to be ready to take advantage of the revolution that is upon us.

What you get in this course is step by step video instructions, with downloadable pdfs if that’s easier for you, and I lift the hood on the tools that I use for my own company’s and clients, so you can see the type of results I’m able to achieve.

“I am learning new skills and new ways of doing things effectively, and all these things combined are improving our business and showing some real results. We are creating some momentum and it is so rewarding to see changes within the business that are positive. Jamie is a breath of fresh air, and believes so much in what he is doing…”
Tina Burt, Owner, Emergency Response Training

Avoid Being Left Behind and take action now, to make sure you’re firmly in control of your own business success, and that you don’t leave it to “hope”.

Unannounced Bonus #1 – “The Facebook Machine”

For taking this extra step towards your Social Media success, I want to make an entire additional course available to you as part of your purchase. The Facebook Machine alone retails for $149, so you’re getting this course for FREE!!

If you already know Facebook is right for your business, or as part of the Social Media Foundation course you identify that it’s a superb opportunity to grow your business, then The Facebook Machine perfectly compliments the Social Media Foundation training to take you to the next level in terms of reward for your efforts.

The Facebook Machine is an entire Facebook Training Course, showing you how to take advantage of the fastest growing social media platform in the world today.

There are 14+ additional videos walking you through:

  • What you need to know to integrate your marketing with Facebook
  • The steps on how to build your fan page to attract more fans
  • Proven strategies on how to convert more of your fans into paying customers
  • How to interact the ‘right way’ with your fans
  • How to use the viral nature of Facebook to your own benefit, and to turn this Goliath of Social Media into an automated money making machine for you over time!

  • 22+ Step by Step Videos to Empower me with Social Media, covering:
  • Facebook Business Basics + Unannounced BONUS of “The FACEBOOK Machine”
  • Twitter Business Basics
  • LinkedIn Business Basics
  • Google Adwords – Step by Step to allow you to create a campaign using best practice
  • Google Places – The 6 steps to get my business found and on Googles Front Page
  • Google Analytics – How to track who visits me, so you can hold your marketing dollars accountable
  • Search Engine Optimisation – Why this is a clever investment for the future
  • Tips, Tricks and Templates – to get you ahead quickly

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Yes I understand I’ve got a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee, and all I need to do is email you Jamie and you’ll refund me in full, with no questions asked within those first 30 days
To get your instant access to the keys to the Social Media Foundations 8 week course, I agree to pay the surprisingly low investment of $147 for the 22+ videos (which includes The Facebook Machine (value of $149)) after I’ve clicked the BUY NOW button below.

By clicking the BUY NOW, I understand I will be taken to a secure PayPal ordering form, which will allow me to pay for the access to your online course. I also understand that once the course investment is processed by PayPal, I’ll be automatically passed to the registration form for the course. Once I register I’ll have immediate access to the 8 week course.

I understand by investing this money I’m going to get access to over 8 hours of video, that have been broken down into bite sized videos, to let me learn at a steady pace, which will walk me through step-by-step learning to ensure I can make decisions for my own business.

I also understand that you usually charge anywhere from $200-400 per hour in your consulting, and I am securing a place on this 8 week course, normally valued at $1000-$2000 in consulting time, for only $147.

I also understand that this price point is an offer that may be withdrawn at any time if you deem that you have priced this too low.




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