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Why is SEO Important to My Small Business?

And what is the business question that usually comes before an SEO discussion?

The question asked to me quite regularly from Business Owners is “How can we capture more leads for our specific product/service in a cost effective way online?”

Jamie’s simple answer was: “Put in place a structured SEO strategy which will, over time, dominate the best suited keywords to achieve your objective”.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?:

SEO is how well your website is optimized for search engines. Today, Google rankings are determined by the quality of your website. Google defines quality using two key metrics:

1. The content of your website and how recent and regular the content is updated – this equates to 20-30% of the weighting.

2. The links from other websites (aka Backlink) – if ‘others’ link to you, Google determines that it must be a quality site, so your quality rating goes up – this equates to 70-80% of the weighting.

Whilst you can focus on fresh website content as part of your normal operations, backlinks take a lot of time and effort and knowledge.

To create a single backlink, you would: Create a piece of content, Submit that content to a highly ranked (in Google’s eyes) website, Ensure your formatting and link are correctly inserted in the key sections of that content, Wait for the website you’ve submitted your content to approve your content, Tell Google that you’ve placed that content somewhere , Repeat 100-1000 times, Per month.

Why Should We Bother With SEO?:

A quick example: Type “Hornsby mazda dealer” into Google for me please.

You’ll see that all entries on the entire Google page are for the one company. Imagine:

• Owning the page for your chosen keywords.

• The increase in leads you would receive.

• How annoyed your competition would be.

This is quite simple to achieve, it just takes consistency over time. You will then have an unassailable advantage over your competitors.

The good news is, we can do it all for you, with very little input needed from you.

This is what others have said about our team and results:

“Thanks for providing a highly professional and cost effective SEO service – I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an outsourced SEO solution.” – Luke Moulton

“You are my work genies. I say that because the time and effort it takes to do quality SEO and get results is huge and these guys make it happen for us. Our placement improves month after month and we now rank on the top of page one for terms we didn’t show up for before we hired them. I’ve monkeyed around with doing SEO on my own in the past but that’s just foolish. These guys are pros and they get the job done right. They are efficient and reliable and are always willing to help us accomplish our SEO goals. I highly recommend them to anyone.” – Jimmy Vee, Founder of the Rich Dealers Institute and Author of Gravitational Marketing: The Science of Attracting Customers.

We have created four plans, all with different levels of output, depending on your needs.

If you’d like us to email you straight away with our pre-prepared information pack, including prices of all our offerings, then just put your details in the form below, and once you’ve pressed submit, our automagical marketing system will send you the email with your pack:

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