Stimulation, Secrets and Strategy, all for Charity
Stimulation, Secrets and Strategy, all for Charity

“A Performance Accountant, Leadership Coach and Business Consultant walked into a bar…”

No, it’s not New Zealand comedy week – it’s actually a very powerful combination that will give you significant insights into yourself, and your business…

Plus raise money for charity at the same time. And guess what? Whilst the session has already been and gone, some smarty pants had the idea of recording it, and then making it available to make sure those who couldn’t be there didn’t miss out. It also means we can raise more for charity, not bad hey?

So to watch the 3 videos, all you need to do is make a donation, 100% of which will be going to Ronald McDonald House Charity, which is dedicated to looking after the family’s of sick children – a superb charity.

The ticket price on the night was $49 NZ per person, though the donation button means you can donate as little ($1) or as MUCH as you want… just click on Donate and you’ll be taken to the paypal secure payment site to process your donation, and then you’ll be given a link to register to access the three videos.


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YOUR CHALLENGE: Staying ahead of the game or being left behind

In today’s competitive landscape, you and your business need to find an edge. Something to keep yourself ahead of the game, and ahead of the rest. If you don’t, you risk being left behind.

The three of us understand this completely. That’s why we’ve put this session together – for you.


And who are we? These ‘three amigos’? And what is the ‘Stimulator, Secrets and Strategy’ session that will help drive You and Your Business forward? And Why are we doing this?

I’ll share that in a minute, but just before I do, let me quickly explain how this all came about – The three of us were sharing a lovely Japanese lunch together, and realised quite quickly, that the three skill-sets around the table could, if put together, be a fantastic catalyst to any business owner.

From there, conversation quickly moved into ‘well what can we do to get started’ and we agreed that we could each give a high value, zero selling session to a group of business owners, purely for their benefit.

We were happy.


We then discussed whether to gift this workshop for free, or charge for it.  We didn’t want to profit from this personally but wanted to make sure those attending would be focused on getting the most from each session.

So, we agreed to put a commitment fee on the event – recognising that if someone paid something they’ve shown a commitment to want to be there, and want to get the value that is on offer.


So what’s on offer?

1. Three high-impact, interactive 20-minute presentations

2. A fantastic networking opportunity with other like-minded business owners

3. Refreshments and nibbles

4. An easily accessible location with plenty of off-street parking


Money raised goes to Charity. So we decided within moments of agreeing a ‘commitment fee’, that all proceeds would go to one of our favourite charities, which is the Ronald McDonald House Charity (if you’d like to find out more about this chosen charity, have a look at their website:

A true win – win – win.


So let’s now walk you through what you’re going to get in this 2 hour session:

First: The Stimulator – ” Leadership in challenging times” Bruce introduces a unique and powerful insight into leadership, especially for these times of unprecedented change – ENERGY. Consistent high energy levels are essential for high performance and innovation. This highly practical workshop will show you how.

The Secret– The one core question most Business Owners can’t answer, which (once you know the answer) can revolutionise your business. Jamie will articluate the secret to you, and help you get the answer for your business through his step by step approach. But this comes with a Warning Label – “Beware – This Will Transform Your Business” – If you know this, and implement it properly, you can wave goodbye to your competition, as you move light years ahead of them!!

The Strategy – So now you’re stimulated and know the secret, how do you plot your course forwards? Jeremy will show you his unique approach to ensuring you’ve got your approach mapped out, for your impending journey of discovery and success.

How does that sound?


And what will you get from these three sessions? You’ll get:

1. A vision of how to use the concepts in your business

2. Clarity on a what has been holding you back so far (that may not be what you think)

3. A simple step plan on how you can implement this

4. Inspiration to get you to your next level in your business.


So who are we, and what gives us the background to be sharing these key lessons with you?

We’ll start with Bruce Ross of Ignite Business Leadership.

Bruce is an experienced and accomplished public speaker, facilitator, and leadership coach. A comment from a recent presentation:  “Brilliant concept. Plain. Simple. Straight forward. In your face brilliance. How can you not use this?”

He understands leadership commercially and academically. He’s directly helped develop the leadership capacity of literally hundreds of business leaders on both sides of the Tasman. He also delivers an MBA-level ‘Executive Leadership’ course plus other leadership-related courses through the Auckland University Short Courses.

Next is Jamie McKean from The Profit Partnership.

Jamie is an experienced Small Business Consultant, a published author, has appeared on Television, a speaker, a proud father and depending on the amount of coffee, sometimes quite funny.

Jamie works with businesses across a range of industries and offerings (B2B & B2C), and spends almost 80% of his time helping Business Owners get their marketing right, using low to no cost marketing strategies, because he understands small businesses need to ensure every dollar they spend is held accountable.

Last, but not least, is Jeremy Wilson from the Success Group.

When you think of Jeremy, you can’t possibly think “boring accountant”. Especially when you discover he has five diverse addictions – Rugby, Sushi, Kempo, Aprilia motorbikes and his adored Family.

Jeremy supports and motivates business owners with an innovative approach utilising traditional compliance with cutting edge business building techniques.  This approach assists his clients to create a structure which positions them with a solid platform for growth.

Do you see how each of us could add value to you? Do you agree this diverse set of skills is a powerful combination to any business owner?

If you do, then come and share in our excitement as we deliver these interactive sessions with you – we expect those who want to move their business forward will be well rewarded.

Price: You Choose!

“Money Back Guarantee” – we normally have this when we run our events, and to date, no one has requested their money back in the number of past events we’ve run. But in this case, all money is going to charity, so whilst we won’t give a money back guarantee (that’s not very charity like is it?), we will offer an additional free consulting session with you at a later date if there is anything you don’t understand.

Another win-win-win!

Remember: The ticket price on the night was $47 NZ per person, though the donation button means you can donate as little ($1) or as MUCH as you want… just click on Donate and you’ll be taken to the paypal secure payment site to process your donation, and then you’ll be given a link to register to access the three videos. Also, if you’re still not sure, then why not donate the $1, and then once you enjoy the value you receive, you can donate more after you’ve watched the videos!


Any problems at all, just click on the ASK US on the left hand side of the page.

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