Business Growth Power Principle # 1

Principle 1

Marketing Your Business Is The Ultimate Leverage

Its simple…
with the right tools

Too many marketers remained grounded in one-dimensional thinking habits. But marketing is a tool of the mind, and it’s in the mind where true wealth is made.  Before this starts to sound like some kind of New Age lecture, let me give  you an example of what I mean.

Let’s say you mail a sales letter to 50,000 people at an average cost of 50 pence each, for a total cost of £25,000 – That’s a fixed cost.  If you get a poor response and only manage to break even there is a strong tendency for you to give up and say: “Why should I spend £25,000 and go though all that work, only to break even?”

Marketing has the power to significantly grow any business

If by scientifically changing and testing a few characteristics of the the mailing piece you are able to multiply the response by five, fifteen, fifty or even five hundred time then you are using leverage.

The sales letter that broke even has the potention for almost infinite change. It’s highly likely that something is the sales letter can be improved to increase response. Often, simply using a stronger opening headlibe, or making a better offer in the body copy of the letter, a bonus, or trying a different price, can increase response by dramatically. By improving the content of the sales letter, and doing it successfully, you employ the leveraging action of marketing. You’re still sending a sales letter – but it’s not about the physical tool. It’s about the inifnite possibilities impregnated in the marketing concept carried by thta tool.

Other than available cash flow, there should be no such thing as a marketing budget. It is a ridiculous idea based on the assumption that marketing is a cost rather than a revenue generator. If an ad costs £1,000 and the profit generated from the ad is £1,200, why would you stop the ad just because your budget dictated it? With a scientific approach and providing the cash is available, the marketing budget is unlimited. It is self generating. Understanding this self evident truth is the key to marketing leverage and massive business growth.

You can never truly run out of ideas. In marketing, persistence almost always pays off. Marketing can leverage a losing or a bland idea into something spectacular – if you have what it takes to make it happen!

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