Business Growth Power Principle # 13

Principle 13

Taping Into Others To Generate Sales

New business can come from unexpected sources

Another way to find leads for your business is to find completely different kinds of sellers who have contacts with clients and ask them to sell for you on a commission. For example, an electrician made a deal with an insurance salesman who frequently went door-to-door selling policies. Once his own business was completed, and whether he sold a policy or not, he would simply say: “Oh by the way, I have a good friend who is truly a top-notch electrician who does excellent work and his rates are reasonable. If you ever need a good electrician, maybe you can call my friend.” The insurance guy carried with him a supply of the electrician’s business cards, which he left with each contact. The insurance man was glad to do it, because it took only seconds to make the recommendation, and he also got a commission every time the electrician landed a paying client. In effect, he had been given a greater chance to come away with some money even when he failed to sell his primary product – insurance.

Correctly setting up many of these ‘Lead Relationships’ with businesses or salespeople that talk to the same type of customers or market that you want to reach, can provide you with a low or no-cost sales force that can literally generate many, many thousands of leads per year!

So look at other people and other businesses that have frequent contact with people that may also be potential clients for what you sell. You may also agree to pitch for each other on an ongoing basis – it’s a simple fusion marketing technique or a kind of joint venture arrangement where non-competing businesses send leads to each other, and everybody benefits.

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