Business Growth Power Principle # 15

Principle 15

Conversion And Closing Devices

Discover the real benefits of templates and prompters

Using tools – check lists, registration forms, order forms, telephone prompters and the like can be made into extremely powerful devices to assist in converting an enquiry into a sale and a sale into a bigger sale.

A telephone prompter for businesses that have the ability to sell from incoming calls is an very powerful method to convert enquiries to sales. All you have to do is follow the script.

The impact of this simple methodology is nothing short of amazing. One client of mine reported that their conversion of telephone calls to sales went from 2 sales out of 10 enquiries to a staggering 8 sales out of 10! That was just from following a telephone prompter.

Businesses that operate in a highly competitive environment will benefit enormously from this strategy because you can literally capture the price oriented enquirer and turn them into a sales closing call or sell them right there on the phone.

Your business must operate on with the philosophy that every incoming call into your business has value… Every customer contact is an opportunity.

When adapting the prompter for your use remember this valuable secret to selling more… Never, ever, reveal the price or details of your product or service without telling them precisely what your product or service will do for them and why you are the only solution.

Additionally, with a prompter you can record their responses and use their very statements in your quote or proposal to them – you can write in the  things about your product or service that they have stated are important to them.

Here’s an example, let’s say you’re in the double glazing business and you have a question in your form that asks if they want a 20 year guarantee or special security glass then you would put into the quote or proposal something like: “Your new XYZ Co. windows are manufactured with special unbreakable glass that provides you with security and peace of mind”. And “Your XYZ Co. windows comes with an unprecedented 20 year guarantee that means…”

Prompters For Sales Staff

Prompters should also be used by sales people or field staff. The prompter can take the guise of an order form or signing off docket or registration form.

On this you list the searching questions designed to uncover needs or wants and then ask the prospect or customer if they would like to buy a product or service that meets this requirement.

For instance, a garden maintenance business that has gangs of gardeners working on peoples property each day can have a’ job completion’ form. This form could also have a list of other services or products offered by the garden maintenance company… such as security fencing, ground levelling, clearance, tree surgery, etc. Against each of these is a tick box. The gang leader has to run though each of these before getting the completed work signed off at the bottom. Obviously, offering an incentive to the gang leader will go a long way in increasing a positive response.

Simple but very profitable.

Just adapt the questions to your business, put it into action and watch your sales climb.

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