Business Growth Power Principle # 21

Principle 21

Admitting A Flaw

discourages scepticism

Here’s a logical and natural follow on strategy after ‘Giving Reasons Why’. It might sound obvious but… Honesty really is the best policy.

Think about it… Almost every sales presentation or approach endeavours to convince the prospect that their product or service is the
ultimate. They only tell you about the good and positive things.

And there is the problem – it is not wholly believable, it almost encourages uncertainty and scepticism because lets face it, every product or service has a drawback – nothing is that perfect.

By admitting a flaw you exhibit honesty – And, everything else you say or claim is likely to be believed. Imperfection is human, acceptable and even – expected. In effect, you’re saying: ‘Look, it can’t do this and therefore it has that drawback but here’s what it can do extremely well and it only costs that.’By making such a statement in your presentations, scripts, letters or ads, you are giving reasons why the price is what it is.

This is a very powerful and compelling strategy and when implemented convinces the hardest of sceptics simply because you have owned up. Therefore, everything else you say is probably true.

Make a point of finding, admitting and explaining the flaws in your product or service.

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