Business Growth Power Principle # 9

Principle 9

Defeating The ‘Clutter Factor’ – SAVI’s

Easy steps to ensure you get noticed 

One of the biggest problems faced by businesses doing any type of marketing in today’s business environment, is what is called ‘The Clutter Factor’.

Are you communicating as well as you should It is estimated that the average person receives some 2,000 commercial messages each and every day. The average businessperson probably receives around 3,000 per day. This includes messages from many different media sources including, letters, emails, branding, bumper stickers, newspaper and magazine ads, radio and television, and of course the telephone.

Are you communicating as well as you should

Think about it, this means that your unsolicited mailing piece is just one of many that land on someone’s desk or door mat. It then competes with all the other ‘junk’ mail. It may not get opened and if it does then it may be by the gatekeeper (secretary, receptionist, assistant… worse it may not get read and is almost certainly thrown out… Your message is part of someone’s clutter!

Therefore, to defeat this, to avoid being trashed, ignored or disparaged, your message has to stand out. It must rise above all the rest of the messages your prospects receive, regardless of the media source. And in order to do this it must be better, more noticeable and superior in the attention it generate, the interest it creates and the offer it makes. You must use AICDA – but turbocharged!

Your ad must literally jump out and grab the reader’s or listener’s attention! It has to get past the gatekeeper and into the hands of the intended buyer. To do this it must be what we term a ‘Superior Access Vehicle’ or ‘SAVi’… it drives right through the clutter and gets to the intended party.

Remember AICDA. By using SAVi solutions you grab Attention.

One of the best and most powerful ways to create a SAVi is to use ‘Attention Grabbers’. These are simple but unusual items that give your mailing piece a literal three-dimensional look and feel (‘lumpy mail’) and are usually attached to the top of the letter.

These can then be cleverly tied into your opening headline and paragraph in such a way as to draw the prospect in – gaining Interest.

Because your letter is now so unusual and different from the rest of the letters your prospect receives, they are more likely to be read, remembered, and acted upon.

Here’s a list of proven and effective SAVi Attention Grabbers with sample tiein headlines that can be used for your Alchemy mailings:

Applying SAVI’s To Other Mediums:


If you are using faxes as another way to add variation to your marketing – i.e. inserted in between not occur if the same thing were said in a letter. Again, use the turbocharged AICDA principle to develop a Superior Access Vehicle.

Fax Openers:

Fax Message 1:

For unreturned phone calls:

Name, Please check your phone system there must be something wrong!

After _____ attempts to call you, I haven’t heard anything back from you and I’m
not sure my messages are getting through.

You may want to check it out.

Kind regards,

Your name

PS – If you will fax me back with a convenient time for me to call you, it would make it easier for both of us. I need approximately (number of minutes), and I promise it will be worth your while.


Fax Message 2:

For unreturned phone calls and letters:

Name, I’ve trying very hard to get hold of you so that I can help you quickly and
easily bring in more customers.

Please place a tick next to the reason why you haven’t returned my call and fax it
back to me:

  • ! You really want to speak with me but you lost my message and forgot to call.
  • ! You’re simply not interested in what I have to offer at this point in time but I should call you on:__________________________
  • ! You had an urgent meeting with the President (Prime Minister)
  • ! You were on a business trip in the Antarctic and forgot your mobile phone.
  • ! You reasoned that not returning my calls would be a good power play but if I grovel enough you’ll graciously call me back.

Seriously, Name, I’d like to speak briefly with you. I only need (number of minutes), and I promise it will be worth your while.


Your Name



Getting past the gatekeeper, receptionist or personal assistant on the telephone can be even more difficult than getting a mailing piece read by your prospect. Therefore, creative flair, steadfast persistence and determination, and the gumption to dare to be different can do a lot to help you.

Some people don’t think they have any or all of these attributes. But nobody knows it but them. If you’ve never met your prospect before, they don’t have any idea of what to expect from you. By simply acting as though you are a ‘certain way’ will convey the impression to the gatekeeper that you are, in fact, ‘that way’. This is not to say that you should be something or someone other than who you really are. It’s just that by assuming an air of confidence and determination you can generally make more of an impact than you can by being quiet, reserved or timid.

Generally, the more senior the executive, the harder it is to reach them. But possibly, the more they will respect a person with dogged determination, confidence and something of importance to say as well as the ability to say it. After all, in many cases, that’s how they got to the position they’re in now.

In any case, your main challenge is to get past the gatekeeper, so here are some proven telephone openers you can use when you are asked to state the purpose of your call, Obviously these have to be adapted to your business type:

Call Opener 1:
“Tell him/her that I have a method of attracting large numbers of customers to your business and to keep them coming back.”

Call Opener 2:

“Tell him/her that your competitors are going to be interested in certain methods I have of putting you out of business but I wish to discuss it with him/her first.”

Call Opener 3:

“Tell him/her that I have some great news!”
When asked what it is, say:
“I can’t tell you that, it would spoil the surprise.”

Voice Mail

Increasingly, voice mail is used. Here are some unusual ideas to tweak interest:

Voice Mail 1:

“Hello…………. This is (your name) at (your phone number). From what I know of your company I believe that you’ll benefit from….”

And hang up.

That’s it. Leave the message incomplete. The prospect’s curiosity should take care of the rest and return your call.

Voice Mail 2:
“Hello………… This is (your name). I have some good news for you, call me back at (your phone number).”

Additionally remember this: Many busy executives and business owners work long hours, so if you phone them either before or after hours, at times they usually answer their own phone, you may increase your chances of reaching them.

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